8 misconceptions about working for a state owned Bank

While I’m fighting my own misconception about state owned companies I’m sharing my latest learnings:

#1 - Things must move very slowly? - Nope, only if you are slow and if you just want to piggy back on a ride.. don't bother.

#2 - Is there anything happening product wise? - So here a few things: Blockchain, starting an open source community, our App is number 4 on the FinTech-list, we’re working with Tink and just bought Booli and.. some secrets.

#3 - Does anyone under 50 work there? - First, apologies for that one, and yes. The people you see in the recruitment adds actually work here... yes, the dude with the beanie also. So, some are +50 and guess what's cool about them? They have such specific knowledge that you can just use if you ask instead of googling the sh#t out of Google 😉

#4 - Can it be fun to work with Mortgage & Savings? - So if you like a challenge to simplify the journey from dreaming to actually owning for our fellow citizens in Sweden: dreamers, seekers or upgraders, please join!

#5 - Do you think about the future and stuff? - Yes, we were the first ones to launch green bonds investing in forwarding sustainable projects with the future in mind. We encourage you to open a savings for your kids to enable them to buy their first home on a tough market.

#6 - There must be a lot of resistance to change? - Quite the opposite, people are open, quick to adapt and deliver.

#7 - The CEO must be some bureaucrat? - Nope, our CEO is passionate, has a clear vision and has lots of ideas.

#8 - Tools? - I know this is so important but let’s face it Atlassian, Splunk, Balsamiq, Axure etc. have done a great job and among the rest of you we’ve realized that too.

Learning and fighting my own misconceptions

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