With sustainability in focus, we are driving change and we want to lead the development in our area.

SBAB TECH realize dreams through teamwork, innovation and technology. We are dedicated to development in a true agile way, which gives us speed and flexibility. We work in self-organized teams with competent, happy and motivated colleagues with everyday innovation.

We are convinced that the key to our success lies in who we are; our people, our culture and our values.

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The banking & finance industry is undergoing major change. With sustainability in focus, we are driving change and we want to lead the development in our area of housing quality and household finances. Changed customer behavior and digitalization with increased transparency creates great opportunities for us. We grow and take market share. 

Hör vår CIO Klas Ljungkvist prata om en CIO-lös framtid

A lot of things are fun at SBAB TECH, one that stands out is that everyone can make a decision and “make it happen” as long as it takes us towards our goals. This makes the pace quick and its fun. SBAB TECH is very health focused and exercising is encouraged, this is important for me.

Caroline Test developer

SBAB TECH, where we work fast and smart and we welcome change. We are an awesome gang who likes collaboration, either in front of the screen, during a table tennis game or in the queue to our barista. If you want personal development and be challenged daily in a Tech-oriented company, SBAB is the right place.

Rebecca Business Intelligence Developer

Each team own a customer process, manages themselves and sets their KPIs. Teams enjoying what they do, naming themselves and creating their own logos

TECH we do


Our teams work with modern front-end and back-end technologies and frameworks mainly based on Java. Features are push to production on demand with continuous delivery. And to meet business goals knowledge is shared and discussed with colleagues. 

TECH Operations:

Specialists within applications, infrastructure, network and support. The team continuously improve and deliver secure systems, infrastructure as well as first class support. They run both Linux and Windows and handle a technical platform based on virtualization and private cloud.

TECH Security:

Our well-integrated Security team is responsible for all IT related security matters at SBAB. The team's goal is to raise risk and security awareness at SBAB so that the appropriate level of security can be achieved for customers, resources and business. To achieve this, Tech Security works as an agile support team to the entire SBAB TECH and our business.

Tech Security runs the SBAB SIRT-function (Security Incident Response Team) and is committed to ensuring that the bank's security is maintained, developed and strengthened.

Data Science:

Our team has skills, tech knowledge, applications and methods to visualize and understand all data to be able to help our internal users and customer even more. They work within the Microsoft BI-platform. The Data Science team increases the presence of AI and Machine Learning on SBAB and breaks new ground.

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Our success lies in who we are; our people, our culture and our values. The power of SBAB comes from the inclusive leadership and our self-driven employees - our biggest and most important asset.